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Pursuant to federal law, Pugh & Karpov is a debt relief agemcy and helps people file for consumer bankruptcy relief under title II of the United States Code.


At Pugh & Karpov, we strive to approach each client's legal issue with the utmost integrity and pride ourselves in meeting the highest expectations of professional conduct, ethics, and diligence. Our commitment to integrity has helped make Pugh and Karpov an AV-Rated firm, a distinction given only to those law firms who demonstrate the highest ethical standards and professional excellence.



Our attorneys are ready to extend a helping hand to those in need and always prepared to fight for their clients, consistently delivering the best results possible. When Pugh & Karpov represent you in litigation, negotiate favorable terms, or work on any other legal matter, they do it with one goal in mind - make you wholly satisfied with the outcome.

Areas of Practice
  • Bankruptcy

  • Criminal Defense

  • Traffic Tickets

  • Personal Injury

  • Civil Litigation 


"Never say Never..."

Legal troubles or challenges often invite feelings of anxiety and fear. Putting them to rest and making legal problems go away is our specialty. Founders of Pugh and Karpov Law, Virginia attorneys Gregory Pugh and Anton Karpov put their superior trial skills, advanced Law Degrees (LLM) from William and Mary School of Law, and over 50 years of legal experience to benefit their clients. When the opportunity arose in 2019, they merged their law practices, expanding their area of expertise. They built Pugh & Karpov, a premier Virginia full-service law firm with the mission of providing expert legal advice and zealous representation to anyone in need.

Get To Know Our Attorneys

Gregory K. Pugh

Attorney Gregory Pugh obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Pettit College of Law at Ohio Northern University in 1981 and advanced Master of Laws Degree  (LLM) was awarded to him by the Law School at the College of William and Mary in 1991. He has actively practiced in Virginia courts since  1988 and opened his own practice in 1996, specializing in civil litigation, bankruptcy, traffic and criminal defense. He represents clients  in all courts in the greater Tidewater area and has argued cases before the Virginia Court of Appeals and the Virginia Supreme Court. It will be very hard to find another lawyer who can match Mr. Pugh's legal experience or go toe-to-toe against him in the courtroom. But despite his toughness when he takes a stand protecting his clients, Mr. Pugh is a very personable and caring person, who also appointed by the courts to protect interest of children and mentally-ill individuals.

Anton A. Karpov

Attorney Anton Karpov, obtained his first law degree from Moscow State University in 1999 with the specialty in Contracts and Civil Litigation. After immigrating to the United States in 1999, he had to overcame many challenges to earn an advanced Master of Laws Degree (LLM) from Law School at the College of William and Mary in 2006. Since 2007 he practiced law in Virginia courts and represented hundreds of clients as a Public Defender. He tried every case imaginable – from DUI and juvenile delinquency cases to a drug, firearm, robbery, and homicide charges. Before leaving the public service, he worked as a supervisor of an adult felony team and he carried his trial experience into his private practice. When you or someone close to you is in trouble  and you need a courtroom warrior like Mr. Karpov. He is always honest and forthcoming with his clients, always ready to fight defending their rights and ready to expertly defend you on traffic or criminal charges; or aggressively negotiate with the insurance company so you will get a generous compensation for your injuries.